Minister Mirisim says 2022 will be challenging

Returning Minister for Forests Hon. Solan Mirisim has described 2022 as a challenging year with the forthcoming general elections but has stressed the need for staff to work together for successful outcomes.

Thanking outgoing Forest Minister Hon. Walter Schnaubelt when addressing staff at the Papua New Guinea Forest Authority (PNGFA) headquarters in Port Moresby on January 17th 2022, Minister Mirisim said: “I thank the outgoing Minister Hon. Walter Schnaubelt who has done a lot from where I left. I will continue where he left and also look at policy directions that were started but didn’t eventuate. But everything will fall into place when the directors and staff work together. The Managing Director, Board Chair and I cannot achieve on our own. All of you work with us to achieve policy directions.”

This year will be challenging with the upcoming general elections. So many other things will be coming up which will affect our operations so sanap strong na yumi wok (stand firm and let’s work)”.

“First and foremost is downstream processing which we need to make happen, State Purchase Option and others which NEC has endorsed. Others that I may need to take to NEC, I have to work on them also.

“Forestry is a very important economic sector and all of us are here to make money for the country.

“The general election is coming closer but it is normal for politicians. Let us (politicians) play politics and you staff, do your work to run the country because you make money for PNG. I will go to politics in four months’ time but you continue working. 

NFS Managing Director Mr. John Mosoro in welcoming Minister Mirisim said: “he’s not new here, he’s done a lot of good work here before and left, and he’s back with us to continue on his good work.

Mr. Mosoro went on to thank Minister Schnaubelt saying: “our outgoing Minister has done some work which we believe our new minister will continue.

“I ask each and every one of us to support Minister Mirisim to work to Take Back PNG in the forestry sector in line with Prime Minister James Marape’s vision to make PNG a rich black nation. Reduce corruption and complacency and improve good corporate governance in PNGFA,” MD Mosoro said.

NFS Chief Operating Officer Mrs. Magdalene Maihua in welcoming the Minister said: “Because we know who you are, it’s easy for us to work with you during this period of time leading up to the elections, so whatever we are able to do from operations side, we are here to support you into the elections and beyond.”

Directors of NFS’ seven Directorates were also given opportunities to welcome the Minister. This included the Director for Field Operations Mr. Lyall Umbo, Director Reforestation and Afforestation Mr. Constin Bigol, Director for Resource Planning and Development Mr. Dambis Kaip, Director for Forest Enterprises Mr. Ishmel Libitino, Director for Corporate Services Mr. Cornelius Kabagat, Director for Finance Mr. David Loyam and Director of Lae-based Forest Research Institute Mr. Goodwill Amos.

Meanwhile, Minister Mirisim has told the management to meet once a fortnight with him for an hour during which time, ideas and information can be shared to see where the organization is going.



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