Talasea District hands over acquittal of 2019-2020 LEDL funds to PNGFA

Talasea District of West New Britain province on Friday, March 5th, 2021 handed over the acquittal of K7 million to the Papua New Guinea Forest Authority (PNGFA) being for the use of Log Export Development Levy (LEDL) in 2019-2020.

Member for Talasea Open and West New Britain Governor Hon. Francis Maneke handed over the acquittal as well as another submission for an additional K5 million for the district’s use

in 2021.

The district used the LEDL funds in 2020 as follows: K3.2 million for infrastructure, K1.3 million for community development, K1 million each for health and education and K500,000 for administration.

Mr. Maneke said that WNB is one of the provinces with the highest log export volumes annually and earns a lot for the country also hence, Talasea District saw the importance of acquitting the funds and working with the PNGFA in further delivering services to his people through forestry. In 2020, West New Britain had the second highest log export volume for any province with 596,858 cubic metres which earned K165.7 million for the country. In 2019, with an export volume of 802,186 cubic metres, WNB earned K239.8 million.

PNGFA Director for Project Allocations Mrs. Magdalene Maihua who stood in for Managing Director Mr. Tunou Sabuin welcomed and thanked Talasea District for their acquittal saying: “Providing acquittals is a very important government policy and law. However, when talking about LEDL, only few provided acquittals in the past but there are others that we are finding it difficult to get them to acquit.”

“It’s one thing to utilize money and something else to say thank you by at least acquitting – providing evidences of public monies that you have spent. And that is in line with the Public Finance Management Act”.

Meanwhile, Acting Director Corporate Services Mr. Ray Saprak said: “We have a lot of LEDL funds yet to be acquitted. Since 2015-2020, we released about K236 million and only K25 million has so far been acquitted with the balance of K211 million yet to be acquitted. The K7 million you have now acquitted will bring it down to K204 million.

“It’s an issue for us. We have been sending out reminder letters and notices to other district development authorities and provincial administrators for the acquittal of the LEDL funds used. It’s good to see that Talasea District has responded very well. Thank you, governor and your team.”

Mrs. Maihua elaborated adding: The simple saying is: “No acquittal, no more funds. When you acquit, you stand a chance to have more funds.”

She said the Talasea District LEDL 2020 acquittal and the new submission will be passed on to the Managing Director for his appropriate action.

The 2021 submission of K5 million by the Talasea District is for the implementation of reforestation, woodlots and timber downstream processing projects.



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