MD Sabuin’s knitted meri blouses presented on Mother’s Day

MERI blouses knitted by the Managing Director of the Papua New Guinea Forest Authority (PNGFA) Mr. Tunou Sabuin were amongst those presented to mothers on their day marked by the organization on May 08th 2020 at the PNGFA Headquarters in Port Moresby.

The occasion was made possible with the support of the National Forest Board Chairperson Ms. Faith Barton. The event saw speeches delivered followed by the presentation of meri blouses to mothers and lucky draw prizes, ending of course with lunch which included the cutting of a Mother’s Day cake.

About 50 meri blouses, some of which were knitted by Mr. Sabuin himself were presented as special gifts to mothers only. Sixteen lucky winners also walked away with household items that included three heavy-duty sewing machines, three toasters, two kettles, two dinner sets of 12 and 16 pieces each, two rice cookers that of 2.8 litres and 3 litres, a blender, a cutlery set, tableware set and a bedsheet set.

Mr. Sabuin who has never celebrated Mother’s Day, Christmas nor Father’s Day, for the first time celebrated Mother’s Day to pay his respect and tribute to mothers present and those who have died.

Describing mothers in forestry as ‘mama diwai’s’ (mother trees), Mr. Sabuin said: “PNGFA gives you this special treat to recognize you as the mother of your children and husbands at home and in the office too.

He thanked mothers who came to the office and did extra work during the corona virus pandemic lockdown.

“My message to you all is continue working hard as you are the best managers at home so keep up that performance here at the work place also.

“Perform well at home and that will be reflected in your work environment. Continue to perform at that high standard and look after your children. It doesn’t matter if you live in broken marriages or are widows,” said Mr. Sabuin.   

National Forest Board Deputy Chairman Mr. Kenn Mondiai who stood in for Ms. Barton said: “Although Mother’s Day is not a tradition of the Melanesian culture, as a government institution, PNGFA needed to embrace such international days that are celebrated worldwide.

“We should support each other regardless of differences we may have. Don’t bring your household problems to the workplace.

“Senior officers and matured adults within the organization should support the younger ones. Support them and embrace the corporate culture of working together to ensure PNGFA’s objectives are propelled to reach the national government’s Vision 2050 and the internal objectives that are set under the organization’s corporate plan,” Mr. Mondiai said.



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