Governor Parkop calls for forestry to be solution to climate change

Governor of the National Capital District Powes Parkop has said that he understood why trees have to be cut but he called on the Papua New Guinea Forest Authority (PNGFA) to be a solution to the effects of climate change. Speaking in Port Moresby on March 20th, 2020 to commemorate the International Day of Forests, Governor Parkop said: “I understand totally why we have to cut trees but it is time for us to be a part of the solution to the effects of climate change.

The nation and world expect nothing less than if we cut one tree, we have to replant another. That’s a commitment we must make on this day. We have a requirement to charge reafforestation levy. That must be used for reafforestation. When one tree goes down, another must be planted.” “If you haven’t been doing well in the past, let’s do it now because the situation in the world, and in PNG to requires that we make this commitment. That’s why for me today I made a commitment on World Environment Day 2019 to start planting trees in the city so we are here to support you. “I am here to support your Minister for Forest and Managing Director for us to be a solution to the global crisis we face. We have an important role to play with regards to climate change and Minister for Conservation and Environment is carrying that burden and responsibility and I am fully supporting him. “Recently we went to Kundiawa to launch his initiative of a million trees. But the Minister cannot carry the burden on his own. This is burden and responsibility that we all should carry - especially the agencies of state who are in the frontline of impacting our national environment - PNGFA, mining, oil and gas and fisheries. These are important portfolios and agencies of the state that must work with the Minister and his officers of Climate Change and Conversation Environment Protection Authority (CEPA). “I am here as the governor of our Capital City, but also as a member of Parliament having been there three terms now, to add my support to the both of you. You have my full support,” Governor Parkop said.



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