Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the specific necessary requirements needed to acquire the various Harvesting Authorities?

Q2. What is the process for Timber Authority?

Q3. What is the process for the Forest Clearing Authority?

Q4. What is the process for Exporting Round Log?

Q5. What is the process for Exporting Wood & Minor Forest Products?

Q6. What is the purpose of the National Forest Inventory?

A6. The purpose of the National Forest Inventory is to record and assess the extent and nature of Papua New Guinea's forest both public and private in a timely, accurate and reproducible manner to enable the sustainable development of our forest resource. Reliable, current and consistent information is required to inform domestic forest policy, to support forest research and fulfil national and international reporting commitments.

Q7. What is the role of the National Forest Board?

A7. The prime role of the National Forest Board is to advise the Minister for Forest on forest policies and legislation and give directions to the National Forest Service through the Managing Director consistent with the objectives of achieving sustainable forest management.

Q8. What are the application fees for the various Harvesting Authorities, different Licences, FIP, FIC, Processing Plants and others?

Q9. How many plantations are there in Papua New Guinea Plantation Listing?



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