Human Resource & Administration Directorate

HRA comprises of four (4) branches headed by a manager.

  • Human Resource (HR)
  • Organizational Development (OD)
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT); and
  • Services and Assets (S&A)

1.Human Resource Branch (HR)

Its major responsibilities are;

  • salary and wages administration, staff discipline, implementation of the PNGFA HR policies and the General Orders, maintaining of staff records and staff welfare and staff counselling.

2.Organizational Development Branch (OD)

Is responsible for;

  • recruitment and selection, Learning and development (training), staff performance management and occupational health and safety.

3.Information Communication Technology Branch (ICT)

Its core responsibility is to provide a reliable network environment for ease of communication for both internal and external stakeholders

ICT Branch has 2 teams/sections namely;

  • Networking: responsible for the setup, configuration & administration of the entire network.
  • Information systems; responsible for all the data bases and the office applications and also provides support in both hardware and software.

Both teams maintain the security to the entire network to protect the PNGFA’s data. That is ensuring to have up to date firewall and anti-virus systems and also put in place steps to take to avoid attacks.

4.Services & Assets Branch

Main responsibility is to provide the support services required by all the directorates and branches with PNGFA.

The branch has 2 sections, assets & service management of all PNGFA assets, building & maintenance, supervise and coordinate the construction and/or renovation of building plus any other associated work.




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