Log Scaling

Log scaling is an important aspect of logging and all log scalers operating in the PNG forest industry must be licensed. Click here to see an updated list of Log Scalers Registered with PNG Forest Authority

The procedure for obtaining a license is detailed below.

An application is lodged to the Managing Director, in PNG Forest Authority regulation form 206 Application for Log Scaler's Licence. With the application a log scalers certificate must be attached, two passport size photographs, a performance bond fee of K500 made to the National Forest Service in a bank cheque and a two-year license fee or registration fee of K200 also made out in a bank cheque to the National Forest Service.

Upon receipt of the application, it is registered and a license number is allocated. For the current log scalers, a renewal fee of K200 is acceptable, if the employee has not left the company and has continually worked with the company. If the scaler has decided to leave the company, he automatically terminates his log scaler license and cannot use the same license in another company as the BOND IS NON-TRANSFERABLE. He must apply for a new log scaler's license with that company and must be approved by the Managing Director of the National Forest Service before he can scale logs. For new log scalers, applications will make a payment of K700 (Bond K500 and K200 registration fee).

The Managing Director signs the application if the applicant meets all the requirements in obtaining a log scaler license. An identification card is issued and forwarded together with the signed copy of the approval letter by the Managing Director to the applicant with a copy to the company manager, and the Papua New Guinea Forest Service Project Supervisor on site. This license is valid for two years only and must be renewed. Notification of approval is by regulation form 205, Log Scaler's Licence.

A log scaler's license can be terminated if the log scaler does not comply with the log scaling practices as prescribed in the Directions for the Identification, Scaling, and reporting on logs harvested from Natural Forest Logging Operations-April 1996 or is negligent in the performance of his duties. As a consequence, the bond may be forfeited to PNGFA and the log scalers license terminated. However, before the scalers license can be terminated or cancelled, a notice in regulation form 207, Notice of Intention to cancel Log Scaler's License is forwarded to the Scaler and he must respond within 14 days in writing to the Chief Scaler as to why his license should be terminated or cancelled. If the grounds for the cancellation of the Log Scaler's License warrants cancellation then the license is immediately cancelled.

Project Supervisors are required to carry out monthly log scaling checks on every log scaler in the projects they monitor to see that all log scalers comply with the directions imposed by the PNGFA.

Updates of the log scalers will be made from time to time on renewals and any new log scalers registered with PNGFA.

Regulation Form 206 - Application for Log Scaler's Licence

Regulation Form 232 - Application for Maps, Forms, Studies, Extracts, Tenders Documentation, Registration of Expression of Interest, etc

Procedures for the Identification, Scaling and Reporting (including Royalty Self-Assessment) on Logs Harvested from Natural Forest Logging Operations



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