Finance Directorate

Duties and Responsibilities of Finance Directorate
1. Record Keeping
2. Management of Cash Flow
3. Budgets and forecasting
4. Management of Taxes
5. Financial Reporting and Analysis
6. Assess, Initiate and Implement Systems and Processes
7. Audit Coordination
8. Safeguarding of Assets

1.Record Keeping

  • Day-to-day review and analysis of receipts and payments documentation 
  • Manual cash receipting, banking and payment
  • Input receipts and payments data into computerized financial accounting system
  • Ensure data input into correct customer and supplier accounts
  • Ensure data input into correct general ledger accounts
  • Perform reconciliations – supplier and customer accounts, assets and liability accounts

2. Management of Cash Flow

  • - Manage all cash flow into and out of the organization
  • - Ensure sufficient funds available to meet day-to-day running of the organization
  • Apply credit payment policy to apply funds effectively
  • Ensure suppliers are paid on time and correctly to ensure continuity of supply of goods and services to sustain operations
  • Timely collection of funds from government, industry and internal sources
  • Effective use of funds by allocation to priority areas
  • Manage expenditure within budgeted areas 

3. Budgets and Forecasting

  • Coordinate with managers in preparing budgets and forecasts
  • Provide feedback to management on financial standing of the organization, to assist with;
  • Expenditure planning and prioritizing of operational activities
  • Regular review of actual expenditures against budget

4. Management of Taxes

  • Comply with tax rules and regulations by paying applicable taxes according to regulated deadlines
  • Advise management on taxation matters
  • Ensure applicable taxes are paid on time

5. Financial Reporting and Analysis

  • Use financial data and produce meaningful, useful and comparable financial reports
  • Produce regular management reports to guide management in the decision-making process
  • Other necessary information provided to managers to make strategic decisions

6. Implement Appropriate Systems and Processes

  • Ensure appropriate and useful financial systems are implemented to produce reliable financial reports.
  • Design and implement internal control measures to keep checks and balances of financial assets.
  • Audit Coordination
  • Prepare accounts and workpapers for audit process
  • Work with auditors to ensure smooth audit process and audit completion
  • Answer to audit issues and implement changes as recommended by the auditor
  • Safeguarding of Assets
  • Have appropriate system and processes in place to prevent or timely detection of unauthorized acquisition, use or disposition of organization’s assets
  • Review, verify and cross check transactions originating documents to ensure correctness of transactions
  • Ensure timely audit process to identify weaknesses promptly for quick management action



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