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The Papua New Guinea Forest Authority (PNGFA) was established in 1993 under the 1991 Forestry Act (as amended) replacing the former Department of Forest and unifying all Provincial Forest Divisions and the Forest Industries Council. All these came about as a result of the 1989 Barnett Commission of Inquiry into aspects of the forestry industry.

The PNGFA, with its headquarters at Hohola in the National Capital District, has 21 provincial offices which include five regional offices. It has over 600 plus permanent employees throughout the country that include foresters as well as non-foresters such as economists, lawyers, accountants and other auxiliary staff.

The PNGFA mission statement is in harmony with the country's constitution and aims to: "Promote the management and wise utilization of the forest resources of Papua New Guinea as a renewable asset for the well- being of present and future generations." The Authority's main objective, therefore, is working towards achieving sustainable forest management in Papua New Guinea.

The current Forestry Act provides that all relevant stakeholders must participate in the harvesting and management of the national forest resource. Forestry functions in many ways are decentralized wherein; the respective Provincial Forest Management Committees established under the provision of the Forestry Act make decisions relating to the management of the forest resource. There are three (3) key arms of the PNGFA namely:




Core Objectives are:

The Authority pursues the following objectives, as mandated by the Forestry Act 1991 (as amended):

  • The management, development and protection of the Nation's forest resources and environment in such a way as to conserve and renew them as an asset for succeeding generations;
  • The maximisation of Papua New Guinea participation in the wise use and development of the forest resources as a renewable asset;
  • The utilisation of Nation's forest resources to achieve economic growth, employment and creation and industrial and increased "down-stream" processing of forest resources;
  • The encouragement of scientific study and research into forest resources so as to contribute towards sound ecological balance, consistent with the National development objectives;
  • The increased acquisition and dissemination of skills, knowledge and information in forestry through education and training;
  • The pursuit of effective strategies, including improved administrative and legal machinery, for managing forest resources and the management of national, provincial and local interests.

Core functions are:

The Authority undertakes the following functions, as mandated by the Forestry Act 1991 (as amended):

  • To provide advice to the Minister on forest policies and legislation pertaining to forestry matters;
  • To prepare and review the National Forest Plan and recommend it to the National Executive Council for approval;
  • Through the Managing Director, to direct and supervise the National Forest Service;
  • To negotiate Forest Management Agreements;
  • To select operators and negotiate conditions on which timber permits, timber authorities and licenses may be granted in accordance with the provisions of this Act;
  • To control and regulate the export of forest produce;
  • To oversee the administration and enforcement of this Act and any other legislation pertaining to forestry matters, and of such forestry policy as is approved by the National Executive Council;
  • To undertake the evaluation and registration of persons desiring to participate in any aspect of the forestry industry;
  • To act as agent for the State, as required, in relation to any international agreement relating to forestry matters;
  • To carry out such other functions as are necessary to achieve its objectives or as are given to it under this Act or any other law.



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