Aid Projects

PNGFA has implemented numerous aid projects under various donor funding agencies in Papua New Guinea over the years. The projects undertaken cover the areas of policy, research and development, REDD+ and Community Forest Management including the economics of plantation development.  Some of these projects have contributed significantly to the development and growth of the forestry sector.

Donors funding current and the recently concluded aid projects are namely International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO), Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research (ACIAR), European Union (EU), Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), UN-REDD, and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).  Some of these projects are highlighted follow:

  Project Named Donor Agency Status
1 PD 552/09 Rev. 1 - Encouraging Customary Landowners in the Low lands of Papua New Guinea’s Central Province to Reforest their Grassland Areas with High-Value Trees ITTO The project ended in September 2019 – just completing the Reports
2 FST/2012/092 - Enhancing Value Added Wood Processing in Papua New Guinea ACIAR Completed in April 2019
3 EU/FAO - GCP/PNG 006/EC - Technical Support to the Papua New Guinea Forest Authority to implement a Multipurpose National Forest Inventory  EU/FAO Project funding from the EU ended in September 2019, however, the project is continuing under limited funding support from UNDP till March 2020
4 FST/2014/069 Improvement and Management of Teak and Sandalwood in PNG and Australia. ACIAR Completed in March 2020
5 FST/2014/065 Development of Durable Engineering Wood Products in PNG and Australia. ACIAR The project concluded in August 2019
6 FST/2016/153 Enabling Community Forestry in Papua New Guinea ACIAR Current and will expire in June 2021
7 Capacity Development Project For Operationalization of information management system for Addressing Climate Change JICA (2nd Phase) The project concluded in August 2019
8 PD764/14/Rev. 1 (F) - Enabling Customary Landowners to participate effectively in Community forest Management Schemes in 6 Pilot areas in PNG.


Commenced in March 2020 and will expire in 2023





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